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Plant adaptations in the sahara desert

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Like all deserts, the Sahara harbors a relatively sparse community of wild plants, with the highest concentrations occurring along the northern and southern margins. Plants adapt to living in the desert by developing long roots in order to get to water. Furthermore, some of them. in the Desert. " What Adaptations Allow Plants to Live in Deserts?. The Sahara Desert is the world's largest hot desert, covering much of North Africa . The adaptations of the wildlife and plants to the treacherous environment are . The animals in the Sahara desert survive by drinking lots of water and staying. They favour flat or undulating terrain where there is little vegetation, they avoid . 18 Dec 2009. Adaptations of desert plants are the morphological and behavioral responses of flora to maximize their chances of survival in arid regions. With its large ears and dark eyes, this has to be one of the most fascinating animals living on the Sahara Desert. Like most animals on the desert it is nocturnal. 20 Sep 2011. Adaptations in desert animals to acquire and retain water and to regulate body. Plant and animal bodies are made up of a number of complex . Desert plants must adapt to high heat and very little water. Some methods by which they have adapted to their climate is by using moisture very efficiently.

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